• What We Do

    One Tent Health is a youth-driven and youth-led nonprofit that provides free:


    Rapid HIV Screening,

    COVID-19 PCR Testing,

    PrEP Pills On-the-Spot, and

    Voter Registration


    in the most underserved and lowest-income neighborhoods of our nation’s capital. We were founded a few years ago by local students, and are now powered by over 2,000 local youth volunteers.


    Our mission is to save and extend lives. We minimize the stress and complexity of the path from unknown HIV status to managed care for all people by using a community-centered, low-cost approach.


    It's simple:

    We take what people need, and bring it to where they are.


    We partner with local community hubs like grocery stores and laundromats in Washington, DC’s most HIV-burdened neighborhoods, then train thousands of passionate local volunteers to go out, set up low-cost canvas tents, and offer – entirely free – 15-minute all around services to help people stay on top of their health without needing to leave their neighborhood, make an appointment, or spend a penny.


    There’s now more than one epidemic in our nation, and especially so in its Capital. It’s on us to solve our communities’ problems. Especially those driven by unequal socioeconomic conditions. This is a group of young people’s first stab at getting to do the right thing, and helping people in a big way.

    Thank you for being here.

  • Highlights

    A few years ago, we were just an idea, a blank Word Document, and a few thousand dollars our 22 year-old co-founders had saved up. Since then, we've gotten to build & do a lot:

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  • HIV in DC

    HIV poses a serious problem for our nation's capital, especially in low-income areas of the city.


    Percentage of DC residents living with HIV (DC DOH HAHSTA).


    World Health Organization's threshold to classify HIV prevalence as an epidemic.


    African American HIV-positive rate in DC (DC DOH HAHSTA).


    Percentage of HIV+ Americans who have not been diagnosed (CDC).

  • Partners

    These great companies and organizations are helping us solve HIV and other problems in DC!

    HIV Screening


    What We Screen With

    DC Health provides us with all of the INSTI HIV screening kits from bioLytical we need; these kits give results in 60 seconds!

    Rapid PrEP Initiation

    Setting People Up with Prescriptions & Care

    Us Helping Us is a local, black, MSM-focused clinic that provides fantastic services to all people including those navigated by One Tent Health.

    Half Smokes for Screens

    People Kept Asking, "What Do I Get?"

    Ben's Chili Bowl is a DC-icon whose food and community presence is trusted universally. To help people get screened, they're now donating meals to One Tent to help DC residents!!


    Office Space

    No More Coffeeshops

    The Leonsis Family created the Georgetown Venture Lab. Now we get to be surrounded by young, talented entrepreneurs everyday!



    One Way to Find Us

    Every Friday Grindr for Equality broadcasts to their DC users where we'll be that weekend. We'll post on Twitter & IG too!

    Training Kits & Materials

    Making Volunteer 

    Training Possible

    Our volunteer corps has grown so quickly; we couldn't have trained everyone without bioLytical's help!

    DC's Cannabis Attorneys

    Can We Actually Gift CBD? Legal Helps!

    We reached out to K&M with a wacky CBD Gummy idea & they not only squared the legal - they introduced us to our future partner, Cherry Blossom CBD!

    CBD Gummies for Screens

    People Kept Asking, "What Do I Get?"

    Cherry Blossom CBD is an awesome local, Black-owned, business that's donated over 1,000 CBD Gummies to us!


    Volunteer Rides

    How We Get There

    Nobody should be kept from volunteering for financial reasons. Via provides all One Tent volunteers with a 30% discount roundtrip!

    Linkage to Care

    Next Steps After a Positive Screen

    Whitman-Walker Health, one of the city's top HIV care providers, allows us to link clients into care right when they need it.

  • Funders

    It's a big team that makes One Tent run. Thank you to our amazing supporters who help keep our lights on and allow us to focus on the things that matter!

  • Quality Reads

    Thank You So Much to all of the people who have taken the time to shine a light on what we're doing!

    Written by Emmett Patterson, March 2021

    "Never focused on getting bigger, just getting Better..."

    Written by Trent Straube, March 2020

    The Nation's Biggest HIV Publication!

    Written by bioLytical, April 2019

    We were excited to be profiled in a recent case study by bioLytical, the manufacturers of the one-minute HIV test, INSTI!

    Written by Rita Rubin, November 2018

    Covered in JAMA only 1 year after launching services!

    Written by David Artavia, October 2018

    Our first national press!

    Written by Lou Chibbaro Jr., October 2018

    Highlighted by the community!

    Written by Kim Olson, May 2018

    Our first coverage, ever!

  • Our Team

    Our Team ranges in age from 18 to just 28 years old, all the way from volunteers to Board.

    Youth Volunteers

    From Five Local Universities

    Ahlina Archibald

    Education Chair





    Recruitment Chair

    Howard University



    Recruitment Chair

    University of Maryland



    Education Chair

    Georgetown University



    Education Chair

    University of Maryland



    Co-Founder & CEO


    De la Cruz


    Development Chair

    George Washington




    Recruitment Chair

    American University



    Education Chair

    Howard University



    Development Chair

    Georgetown University



    Education Chair

    American University

    Brogan Madden

    Administration Intern

    American University



    Administration Intern

    University of Maryland

    Maya Nagarkatte

    Recruitment Chair

    Georgetown University



    Programs Lead



    Education Chair & Operations Intern

    George Washington University



    Board Member

    Former COO & Current Medical Student


    Schaffer, MD

    Co-Founder & Policy Director

    Resident Physician at Massachusetts General Hospital



    Development Chair

    American University

    Dynasti Newman Scott

    Development Chair

    Howard University

    Katie Thompson

    Recruitment Chair

    George Washington


    Ammanuel Wabreha

    Diversity and Inclusion Chair

    University of Maryland



    Board Member

    Co-Founder & CSO of GOODProjects



    Diversity and Inclusion Chair

    Georgetown University




    Development Chair

    University of Maryland

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